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  • SCSI Disk Drive
    Replacement Solutions
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  • Design and manufacture of SCSI SSD (Solid State)
    CF2SCSI™ &
    SCSIFlash drive™
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  • Industrial Grade SCSI SSD replacements for a range of obsolete and End of Life (EOL)
    SCSI drives
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  • 50-pin, 68-pin and
    80-pin variants
    supporting 2.5 inch, 3.5 inch or larger 5.25 inch form factors
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Solid State Disks Ltd (SSDL) is a renowned manufacturing company, developing superior-quality SCSI storage devices that make the best use of exclusive FPGA based technology well-integrated in the devices. The industrial grade SCSI Storage devices solves the problem of costly repairs and replacement of failing and ageing SCSI storage devices. This includes SCSI magneto optical (MOD), hard disk (HDD), SCSI floppy (FDD) and SCSI tape. Solid State Disks Ltd (SSDL) also produces true floppy (34 pin, 26 pin) interface storage devices that can be used in legacy equipment.

CF2SCSI™ and SCSIFLASH™ Product Benefits

•  Deployed and proven on multiple platforms
•  Currently supporting capacities up to 512 GB
•  Firmware controlled by SCSI interface is adaptable to hosts’ legacy software SCSI drivers
•  A transparent interface from SCSI bus to SCSI Solid State Flash drive
•  Eliminates the problems with traditional electro-mechanical/magnetic media storage devices
•  Fast, efficient field replacement
•  Lower power consumption, noise and heat
•  Fast write speeds
•  Increased reliability
•  Reduced unplanned downtime
•  No additional software required for operation due to its SCSI data storage/bootable drive
•  Network feature allows network back-up and restore capability enabling vital data back-ups to be made as a complete bit for bit image of its CompactFlash card at any given point in time.

SCSISSD is currently available in two physical types of packaging


SCSI Hard Disk Drive (HDD) replacement with no external removable storage device


SCSI Magneto-Optical (MO), SCSI Tape & SCSI Floppy drive replacement with externally removable CF memory card slot

Varying frame/ enclosure options available (3.5 inch, 5.25 inch 2.5” inch 8 inch, enclosure & bespoke fitting) allowing complete form, fit & function

FLASH2GUI Network Software

Graphical user interface that fully integrates with Solid State Disks SCSIFlash™ and FLOPPYFlash™ emulation drives.

SCSI SSD Network Drive replacement for SCSI Magneto Optic (MO), SCSI Floppies, SCSI Hard Disk Drives SCSI Tape & SCSI PC cards

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Custom Emulation Solutions

We have an in house team of highly experienced technical engineers, based in both the US & UK who have an in-depth knowledge of legacy data storage systems. We can develop a full replacement system as per your requirements or offer support in developing and creating an custom emulation that extends the life of the legacy computer.

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Our clients

We have over 29 years' experience in the design of data storage emulation systems and are proud to have maintained long relationships with our clients, continually exceeding their expectations.

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