3.5” SCSI Disk 68-Pin Wide, Wide Differential, Wide LVD

3.5” SCSI Hard Drive Disk 68-Pin Wide, Wide Differential, Wide LVD

The CF2SCSI / SCSIFLASH 3.5” Scsi Hard Drive - 68 pin SCSI disk drive emulator will replace many 3.5" SCSI 68 pin legacy drive.

Adobe PDF icon  SCSIFlash Manual Available Upon Request

FLASH2GUI - Centralised backup and restore capability is also available with optional ethernet support. Industrial grade CompactFlash cards are used to write primary data storage. Importantly there are no requirements for any changes to be made in the legacy host software.

click here to seek more information on FLASH2GUI restore & backup software.

The Solid State SCSI SCSIFlash™ Drive is designed and manufactured by Reactive Group’s Solid State Disks Ltd (SSDL). 

  • 3.5 Scsi 68 Pin Hard Drive - Proprietary FPGA and industrial grade (SLC) CompactFlash technology are combined allowing the solid state SCSI 80 pin drive to appear on the host’s SCSI bus as a SCSI device.
  • The SCSIFLASH 3.5 Scsi Hard Drive Disk Emulator is form fit designed allowing the same mounting points to be used.
  • Allows attachment of CF Cards from 1GB to 256GB with the SCSI bus.
  • The device can be configured to be seen as any 3.5” SCSI 68 pin disk drive by the SCSI host.
  • Using only 5V the SCSIFlash drive offers low power.
  • Field upgradable microcode via integral comport.
  • If required, Reactive or a Reactive partner can offer optional integration support for 3.5 68 pin scsi ssd.

Board size: 3.5” Form factor – 3.75”x5.5”.
Compact Flash: Standard 3M header for Type 1 & 2 cards.
CF Capacities Supported: ~ up to 256GB (MLC) for removable drive and non mission critical applications and up to 64GB (SLC) for fixed disk heavy read/write mission critical applications.
Power: 5 Volts only @ 0.8 Watt (Typical) + CF requirement.
Power connector: 3.5 Scsi Hard Drive Standard Disk drive type SCSI-1 and 2 Compatible. SCSI 68 Pin Wide, Wide Differential, Wide LVD Connector.
Transfer Rate of SCSI: 10Mbytes/second.
ComPort for microcode load and real time diagnostics.

S35FB-4GC02 S35FB-24GI02 S35FCS-64GCC02N S35FB-8GC02 S35FB-32GI02 S35FCS-64GI02N S35FB-16GC02 S35FB-40GI02 S35FCS-64GIC02N S35FB-24GC02 S35FB-48GI02 S35FCS-128GC02N S35FB-32GC02 S35FB-56GI02 S35FCS-128GCC02N S35FB-40GC02 S35FB-64GI02 S35FCS-128GI02N S35FB-48GC02 S35FB-80GI02 S35FCS-128GIC02N S35FB-56GC02 S35FB-96GI02 S35FCU-8GC02N S35FB-64GC02 S35FB-112GI02 S35FCU-8GI02N S35FB-80GC02 S35FB-128GI02 S35FCU-16GC02N S35FB-96GC02 S35FCS-32GC02N S35FCU-16GI02N S35FB-112GC02 S35FCS-32GCC02N S35FCU-32GC02N S35FB-128GC02 S35FCS-32GI02N S35FCU-32GI02N S35FB-4GI02 S35FCS-32GIC02N S35FCU-64GC02N S35FB-8GI02 S35FCS-64GC02N S35FCU-64GI02N S35FB-16GI02
D3S040E 1024 CNN D3S040E 75776 E2N (S) D3S320E 77824 C1N (A) D3S040E 5120 CNN D3S040E 16384 E2N (S) D3S320E 8192 C1N (A) D3S040E 9216 CNN D3S040E 32768 E2N (S) D3S320E 24576 C1N (A) D3S040E 13312 CNN D3S040E 49152 E2N (S) D3S320E 40960 C1N (A) D3S040E 2048 CNN D3S040E 65536 E2N (S) D3S320E 57344 C1N (A) D3S040E 10240 CNN D3S040E 81920 E2N (S) D3S320E 73728 C1N (A) D3S040E 18432 CNN D3S040E 98304 E2N (S) D3S320E 90112 C1N (A) D3S040E 26624 CNN D3S040E 114688 E2N (S) D3S320E 106496 C1N (A) D3S040E 34816 CNN D3S040E 131072 E2N (S) D3S320E 122880 C1N (A) D3S040E 43008 CNN D3S040E 147456 E2N (S) D3S320E 139264 C1N (A) D3S040E 51200 CNN D3S040E 1024 E3N D3S320E 155648 C1N (A) D3S040E 59392 CNN D3S040E 5120 E3N D3S320E 2048 C1N (S) D3S040E 67584 CNN D3S040E 9216 E3N D3S320E 6144 C1N (S) D3S040E 75776 CNN D3S040E 13312 E3N D3S320E 10240 C1N (S) D3S040E 16384 CNN D3S040E 2048 E3N D3S320E 14336 C1N (S) D3S040E 32768 CNN D3S040E 10240 E3N D3S320E 4096 C1N (S) D3S040E 49152 CNN D3S040E 18432 E3N D3S320E 12288 C1N (S) D3S040E 65536 CNN D3S040E 26624 E3N D3S320E 20480 C1N (S) D3S040E 81920 CNN D3S040E 34816 E3N D3S320E 28672 C1N (S) D3S040E 98304 CNN D3S040E 43008 E3N D3S320E 36864 C1N (S) D3S040E 114688 CNN D3S040E 51200 E3N D3S320E 45056 C1N (S) D3S040E 131072 CNN D3S040E 59392 E3N D3S320E 53248 C1N (S) D3S040E 147456 CNN D3S040E 67584 E3N D3S320E 61440 C1N (S) D3S040E 1024 CNN (A) D3S040E 75776 E3N D3S320E 69632 C1N (S) D3S040E 5120 CNN (A) D3S040E 16384 E3N D3S320E 77824 C1N (S) D3S040E 9216 CNN (A) D3S040E 32768 E3N D3S320E 8192 C1N (S) D3S040E 13312 CNN (A) D3S040E 49152 E3N D3S320E 24576 C1N (S) D3S040E 2048 CNN (A) D3S040E 65536 E3N D3S320E 40960 C1N (S) D3S040E 10240 CNN (A) D3S040E 81920 E3N D3S320E 57344 C1N (S) D3S040E 18432 CNN (A)
DPSS-318350 DPSS-309170
FFD35US-00512-P80 FFD35US-20480-P80 FFD35-U3S-002-N-P80 FFD35US-00512-N-P80 FFD35US-20480-N-P80 FFD35-U3S-004-N-P80 FFD35US-00512-X-P80 FFD35US-20480-X-P80 FFD35-U3S-008-N-P80 FFD35US-01024-P80 FFD35US-22528-P80 FFD35-U3S-012-N-P80 FFD35US-01024-N-P80 FFD35US-22528-N-P80 FFD35-U3S-016-N-P80 FFD35US-01024-X-P80 FFD35US-22528-X-P80 FFD35-U3S-020-N-P80 FFD35US-01536-P80 FFD35US-24576-P80 FFD35-U3S-024-N-P80 FFD35US-01536-N-P80 FFD35US-24576-N-P80 FFD35-U3S-032-N-P80 FFD35US-01536-X-P80 FFD35US-24576-X-P80 FFD35-U3S-040-N-P80 FFD35US-02048-P80 FFD35US-26624-P80 FFD35-U3S-048-N-P80 FFD35US-02048-N-P80 FFD35US-26624-N-P80 FFD35-U3S-056-N-P80 FFD35US-02048-X-P80 FFD35US-26624-X-P80 FFD35-U3S-064-N-P80 FFD35US-02560-P80 FFD35US-28672-P80 FFD35-U3S-072-N-P80 FFD35US-02560-N-P80 FFD35US-28672-N-P80 FFD35-U3S-080-N-P80 FFD35US-02560-X-P80 FFD35US-28672-X-P80 FFD35-U3S-096-N-P80 FFD35US-03072-P80 FFD35US-30720-P80 FFD35-U3S-104-N-P80 FFD35US-03072-N-P80 FFD35US-30720-N-P80 FFD35-U3S-112-N-P80 FFD35US-03072-X-P80 FFD35US-30720-X-P80 FFD35-U3S-120-N-P80 FFD35US-04096-P80 FFD35US-32768-P80 FFD35-U3S-128-N-P80 FFD35US-04096-N-P80 FFD35US-32768-N-P80 FFD35-U3S-136-N-P80 FFD35US-04096-X-P80 FFD35US-32768-X-P80 FFD35-U3S-144-N-P80 FFD35US-05120-P80 FFD35US-34826-P80 FFD35-U3S-152-N-P80 FFD35US-05120-N-P80 FFD35US-34826-N-P80 FFD35-U3S-160-N-P80 FFD35US-05120-X-P80 FFD35US-34826-X-P80 FFD35-U3S-168-N-P80 FFD35US-06144-P80 FFD35-U3S-001-P80 FFD35-U3S-176-N-P80 FFD35US-06144-N-P80 FFD35-U3S-002-P80 FFD35-U3S-001-X-P80 FFD35US-06144-X-P80 FFD35-U3S-004-P80 FFD35-U3S-002-X-P80 FFD35US-07168-P80 FFD35-U3S-008-P80 FFD35-U3S-004-X-P80 FFD35US-07168-N-P80 FFD35-U3S-012-P80 FFD35-U3S-008-X-P80 FFD35US-07168-X-P80 FFD35-U3S-016-P80 FFD35-U3S-012-X-P80 FFD35US-08192-P80 FFD35-U3S-020-P80 FFD35-U3S-016-X-P80 FFD35US-08192-N-P80 FFD35-U3S-024-P80 FFD35-U3S-020-X-P80 FFD35US-08192-X-P80 FFD35-U3S-032-P80 FFD35-U3S-024-X-P80 FFD35US-09216-P80 FFD35-U3S-040-P80 FFD35-U3S-032-X-P80 FFD35US-09216-N-P80 FFD35-U3S-048-P80 FFD35-U3S-040-X-P80 FFD35US-09216-X-P80 FFD35-U3S-056-P80 FFD35-U3S-048-X-P80 FFD35US-10240-P80 FFD35-U3S-064-P80 FFD35-U3S-056-X-P80 FFD35US-10240-N-P80 FFD35-U3S-072-P80 FFD35-U3S-064-X-P80 FFD35US-10240-X-P80 FFD35-U3S-080-P80 FFD35-U3S-072-X-P80 FFD35US-12288-P80 FFD35-U3S-096-P80 FFD35-U3S-080-X-P80 FFD35US-12288-N-P80 FFD35-U3S-104-P80 FFD35-U3S-096-X-P80 FFD35US-12288-X-P80 FFD35-U3S-112-P80 FFD35-U3S-104-X-P80 FFD35US-14336-P80 FFD35-U3S-120-P80 FFD35-U3S-112-X-P80 FFD35US-14336-N-P80 FFD35-U3S-128-P80 FFD35-U3S-120-X-P80 FFD35US-14336-X-P80 FFD35-U3S-136-P80 FFD35-U3S-128-X-P80 FFD35US-16384-P80 FFD35-U3S-144-P80 FFD35-U3S-136-X-P80 FFD35US-16384-N-P80 FFD35-U3S-152-P80 FFD35-U3S-144-X-P80 FFD35US-16384-X-P80 FFD35-U3S-160-P80 FFD35-U3S-152-X-P80
ST11200NC ST373454LW
Smart Modular:
S35FCS-32GC02N S35FCS-64GCC0&

Custom Emulation Solutions

We have an in house team of highly experienced technical engineers, based in both the US & UK who have an in-depth knowledge of legacy data storage systems. We can develop a full replacement system as per your requirements or offer support in developing and creating an custom emulation that extends the life of the legacy computer.

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