The CF2SCSI SCSI SSD Removable disk drive brings solid state, industry-standard CompactFlash card technology and proven SCSI Removable disk drive architectures (SCSI-2, SCSI-1 and SCSI) providing a solid-state, highly reliable drop-in replacement for any SCSI-based drive that includes SCSI magneto optical, SCSI hard disk, SCSI floppy drive and SCSI tape.
Using proprietary FPGA technology and industrial grade CompactFlash cards our range of SCSI emulators or SCSI SSD’s offer a solid state, low-cost drive replacement enabling CompactFlash cards as seen as any SCSI Removable disk drive by the host system. Requiring zero changes to the host firmware, the SCSI removable disk allows the maintainers ofageing legacy systemsto manage critical obsolescence and their TLS (Through Life Support) services as the host enters the mature stages of it’s product life cycle.

Removable Network SCSIFlash Drive
SCSIFLASH Removable Network drive provides a solid state, drop-in replacement for SCSI hard drives, SCSI SSD drives, SCSI Magneto Optic, SCSI Floppy, SCSI PC Cards, SCSI PCMCIA cards and SCSI Zip drives whilst also offering network (ethernet-based) back-up and restore capability...
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3.5” SCSI Floppy Drive 50-Pin Replacement
The Teac SCSI Floppy emulator allows the CF Cards up to 256GB (MLC) and 64GB (SLC) to attach to the SCSI bus. It will be seen as a Floppy Disk Drive by the host computer. Many other Teac SCSI Floppy Drives are emulated by the SCSI Teac MO Bridge and can be programmed such that it perfectly suits the requirements of a host system. Compact Flash Media is converted by Small format PCB so that on a Host’s SCSI Bus, it resembles as a Teac SCSI Floppy Emulator...
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3.5” SCSI PC Card 50-Pin Replacement
SCSI SSD Replacement for SCSI PC Card Drives. Varying frame/ enclosure options available (3.5”, 5.25”, Enclosure & bespoke design) allowing complete form, fit & function. 3.5” SCSI PC Card Fixed Disk 50-Pin Replacement. Small format PCB converts Compact Flash Media to appear as a SCSI device on a Host’s SCSI bus...
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3.5” SCSI Tape Drive 50-Pin Replacement
The CF (Compact Flash) based SCSIFLASH-Tape drive provides a solid state, drop-in replacement for DAT, DLT and DDS SCSI tape drives. - Ethernet / Network variant available. The Solid State’ SCSIFlash-Tape Emulator replaces legacy SCSI tape drives, using removable Compact Flash to replace the reel-to-reel tape or cartridge tape media...
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Custom Emulation Solutions

We have an in house team of highly experienced technical engineers, based in both the US & UK who have an in-depth knowledge of legacy data storage systems. We can develop a full replacement system as per your requirements or offer support in developing and creating an custom emulation that extends the life of the legacy computer.

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